Issue with logical Right shift

Logical shift operation in C, as it seems is pretty straightforward.  But I in this post, am concerned about one special issue about the right shift.

We all understand the two kinds of shift present in standard C.  I am qouting from in their C standard. Read more

Why arduino is slow ?


Is Arduino really slow ?

Well that is really relative, as like everything else.  I am not talking about Time Dilation and space time fabric bending stuff here.  Alas! I haven’t seen Interstellar yet.  Anyways, this post is really about how arduino performs the basics of its function and how it appears a little slow for a little advanced users who like to get a little more fast input output response.

The How and Why ?? Read more

Benchmarking Raspi Input/Output

Yo, so this one counts for checking the GPIO response of Raspberry pi.

What it means ?

How much it takes of a Raspi to give a response on GPIO when trigger action is received on another GPIO.

How am  I doing this ?

I have this setup of an Arduino connected to Raspi GPIO on pin 7 and 8.
Another green arduino board is for getting serial terminal of Raspberry pi. Read more

Logic “Analysing” Serial Communication

Lets hit it directly, assuming you are already familiar with Serial Communication.  You might have used it already with Arduino or other microcontrollers, almost all of them are equipped with the UART/USART module.

Serial Communication  — just in case you need a little brushing up.

Serial_comm_protocolThe pic shown above is taken from WiKi, above link.  In this diagram, two bytes are sent, each consisting of a start bit, followed by eight data bits (bits 0-7), and one stop bit, for a 10-bit character frame. Read more

IoT-Internet of Things : Hands On Spark Core


And there I was, so much excited about my new Spark module!
Alas!! It didn’t go good.  For a warm welcome, there were these problems to bang my head with.  The module I received looked just alright because the shipping was not good, I got its packaging open, and it didn’t work too.  Wohoaa!!! totally my case.
I expected it to be having ZERO or almost NO learning curve i.e. NOT ‘learning a lot and then doing a little’ rather ‘Doing a Lot and learning by doing’.

Unboxed it, I ordered it with the antenna(flex).  So, as it was said, I followed the command with their “Getting Started”spark_module

Read more

Logic Analyser (Saleae) : Getting Started


Yeah, “Tear in the Eyes” moment, whenever I get a new electronics item to play with.  This time I got my hands on Saleae Logic Analyser (digital one though). This one allows you to probe 8 digital channels simultaneously.  The device is extremely simple to use for first timers.  salea_analyser

Just plug a miniUSB cable, the probing wires to the other end and open the Logic Software on the PC/Laptop side. Don’t forget to use “sudo” while opening Logic software, otherwise you ain’t gonna get the permissions for doing the necromancy. Assumptions: 1. You know what a Logic Analyser is. 2. You are using linux terminal with root privileges allowed. otherwise please do give a look to these helpful pages: Read more

Programming the programmer : AVR

Well, as the name says it all, this post is indeed all about programming mumbo jumbo of AVRs.  First lets get the picture as it is normally seen.

C/C++ Code ->Compiler->linker(&/|)loader->avr-objcopy->hex file->avrdude->running program.

So, the above order seems simple enough but every stage is a big process in itself.   What I in this post gonna do is
1. The explanation of last part.(how  code goes into controller’s flash)
2. How can you do it yourself.  Read more

FTDI plays Dirty : Drivers Scandal


Woahh!! feeling like “No!! Not this” or “Nice move there”.
You can be one of the two people saying above lines by the action taken by FTDI .

So, What is FTDI ?  [[Those who already know skip Down to “Driver Scandal”.  ]]   

FTDI is actually a company that manufactures chips and electronics solutions mostly regarding USB.  Above is given the link for their website.
Typical chips are FT232R, FT232H , FT245R/B etc etc. ( lots of them). Read more

Intel HEX for AVR explained


Ughhh! It really took me 2 days to understand the whole picture here.  We all know that there is a hex file generated by the “Compiler” or the Arduino IDE (lets just say it now..allow me to use loose terms here, gotta explain a little below) and that HEX file is uploaded into the controller and it works like a charm.

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Video streaming on WAN_staticIP


In the previous post of  Port Forwarding & Server setup for WAN, I showed the usage of Port Forwarding and then running servers on system node and  accessing it globally.

Now since we already are having static IP so why not just have the live video feed from the Kinect Camera or you may have any other USB or web cam.  All the time, just enter your IP address and the port number and access the live feed.
Well that surely worked like charm for me. Read more